Helping Plan and Educate

Learning and Doing Together

Trees Forever is dedicated to working with others to make our communities better places, today and for future generations. We do this by engaging volunteers in thorough planning processes that result in projects with the best chance for success. We are motivated by more than just beautification.  (Although beauty is definitely important!)  At the core of our mission is a deep belief that a diverse, robust natural world is an investment in the health, vitality, and well-being of individuals and communities, now and into the future. 

Sometimes the work we do takes place before any plants are put in the ground. Learn how Trees Forever and our partners work with volunteer committees in small Iowa towns to make informed decisions about improvements to their local landscape. 

Careful planning is also essential to a community’s ability to be resilient when faced with a natural disaster or the devastating effects of  tree or plant disease or insect infestations.  Trees Forever provides assistance with preparedness planning and disaster recovery, as it relates to urban forestry - from promoting safety to replanting the urban forest after the initial crisis has passed. 

We also are deeply invested in continually learning ourselves, and in helping others learn with us.  We provide numerous educational programs that build participants’ knowledge of trees and native plants and how these all work together to add beauty, ecological integrity, health and vitality to our homes, schools, farms, and businesses.