Climate Change - You Can Make a Difference

Why are trees a unifying, workable solution to climate change? 

Trees unify people, and you know that from the excitement you see on a child’s face planting their first tree or the look of satisfaction when an elder harvests chestnuts from a 30 year old grove. Planting and caring for trees feels good. Trees are seen as one of the most inexpensive and naturally engineered solutions.  

We surely can all agree that we need more trees. In rural areas and in cities, we have lost well over 75% of our original forests. Towns need shade and protection from winds. Farms need trees to hold streambanks and prevent soil erosion—and add an income stream.

What types of tree planting and forest management will help with climate change? 

We need to focus on survivability of the trees planted. It is easy to talk about planting a billion trees, but how many of those will actually survive? Native trees are acclimated to each bio-region, so in most cases native trees will provide benefits to pollinators, other wildlife and do the best job at carbon sequestration. 

What expertise does Trees Forever have in planting trees for carbon sequestration and energy efficiency?

Trees Forever has tracked every tree we’ve planted with the thousands of volunteers and landowners since 1989. We use US Forest Service research backed itree software to calculate eco-system benefits including carbon sequestered. Through our rural programs across the Midwest, we’ve reforested almost 10,000 acres and planted millions of trees. In cities and towns, we’ve planted along streets, in parks and at schools in hundreds of towns.

We advocate for planting the right tree in the right place (click here to read more in our August 2019 blog post), and we have helped landowners, community leaders and community volunteers take action across the nation, reaching as far as Maryland and Sacramento.

Help us reach out fifty-year vision of planting 10 million trees by 2050! We will be planting drought and pest resistant trees, as well as a diverse mix of species, to help the long-term health of our forests and woodlands.

Trees are a unifying force, and together we can plant more trees and have a major impact on climate change! Contact us if you want to invest in tree planting projects. 

Shannon Ramsay

Founding President of Trees Forever