Why It Matters

Through the simple and optimistic act of planting trees and native plants, Trees Forever is committed to planting a better tomorrow.

Our passionate staff work with volunteers, communities and landowners to help them imagine the possibilities, we help them connect with each other and with experts to deepen their knowledge about the natural world, and we help them with the financial and technical support they need to achieve their goals. We do all this to cultivate a healthier, more resilient world to nourish generations to come. 

Focusing on the importance of a diverse natural world.
Trees and other native plants help make our world more sustainable.  We emphasize the importance of planting diverse species appropriate to the site and provide education about the benefits those species provide—whether they are shade trees that reduce our homes’ energy consumption, trees that provide us as well as wildlife with food and shelter, have helped to add more organic matter to the soil, and created more sources of food and shelter–all of which benefit song birds, game birds, amphibians, pollinators, and other wildlife.  Learn more about how trees and other native plants can make their communities and land healthy, safe, more beautiful places to live.

Trees Forever relies on the generous support of our members.

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