What We Do

Working with communities to empower people through hands-on planting projects.

Since our beginning, Trees Forever has involved people in hands-on conservation projects.   We help communities with local tree-planting projects by providing technical, planning and financial assistance.  And we help local committees engage others in the projects they work on.  If trees and other native plants are going to survive and thrive, it’s important that the neighborhood and greater community are encouraged to get involved.  Click on the links below to learn more about some of our current programs and how you can become involved.

Growing Community Forests
Helping Plan and Educate
Trees and Native Plants on the Rural Landscape

Focusing on the importance of a diverse natural world.

Trees and other native plants help make our world more sustainable.  We constantly emphasize the importance of planting diverse selection of species appropriate to each site, and provide education and information about the benefits that those tree and plant species provide.  We promote the benefits of a diverse shade tree population that reduces energy consumption in our homes and businesses, of native plants that add more organic matter to the soil and clean our precious waters, or of trees and plants that create more sources of food and shelter to benefit song birds, game birds, amphibians, pollinators, and other wildlife.


Helping Make Connections

Whether it’s by weaving a network of people interested in speaking for the natural world or by connecting people with the experts who can expand their knowledge, Trees Forever is about growing community and promoting a positive vision of the future.  Click the links below to learn to learn more about how you can get involved.

Connect with others who care about these issues.

Learn about educational classes and events you can attend.