Trees Forever Video Library

Planting Trees for Energy Efficiency

Planting a tree helps the environment, but it can also help you save energy. There are many things to keep in mind when planting a new tree from the size and type of tree to the location.



How to Plant a Container-Grown Tree

Trees Forever Field Coordinator Brad Riphagen demonstrates how to plant a container-grown tree.


Planting a Better Tomorrow - An Introduction to Trees Forever

Field Coordinator Dustin Hinrichs gave We Create Here's Ben Kaplan a tour of four Trees Forever plantings in the Cedar Rapids area. Dustin shared the big impact trees can have on parks, trails, streets and schools.


Choosing Diversity and Great Fall Color!

Looking to plant a tree with great fall color? There are many different Midwest tree species that will be beautiful in autumn and help diversify the urban forest.


Birds, Bees, and Trees

Native trees are essential for supporting pollinators and birds in our ecosystem. Pollinators need plants and we need pollinators - choose to plant one of these four native Midwest trees in your yard or community!


Tree Diversity: A Key to Healthy, Sustainable Communities

Looking to add more tree diversity to your backyard or community? Consider these three uncommon tree species - Kentucky Coffee Tree, Ginkgo Tree, or Tulip Tree - and you can start to realize the amazing benefits trees provide.


Urban Gardening

Trees Forever worked with urban gardens throughout the Des Moines, Iowa metro area to plant fruit and nut trees. Produce from these trees will stay within the community to benefit local residents.


Energy Efficiency

Just one tree can reduce your cooling costs by up to 25%. The key is planting trees in the right location. Plant shade trees to the east and west of your home and wind breaks to the north and west of your home.