Spirit of the Trees©

A Six-Part Educational Video Series Exploring the Link Between Trees and Forests and Native American Cultures

Spirit of the Trees, a film produced by Trees Forever, weaves together Native voices, art and music from 40 indigenous tribes and nations.  Narrated by the late actor/musician Floyd Red Crow Westerman, this remarkable journey with Native People gives you insight into the traditions of their spiritual practices, foods and medicines, art and music, shelter and land management—all inseparably connected to trees, forests and Mother Earth. Trees Forever is excited to celebrate its 10th year of distribution with the National Film Board of Canada.



Circle of Life: (Central United States)


In the Circle of Life segment, Woodland Tribes like the Yankton Sioux, Menominee and Objibwe share their perspectives on why cultural diversity and biodiversity are naturally interconnected. 




People of the Cedar: (Northwest)


The tribal nations of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest consider the Cedar essential to life.




Living Knowledge: (Northeast)


During the Living Knowledge segment, you will hear from tribal members from Mashpee Wampanoags, Nansemonds, Pequots, Mohawks and others.




Malama 'Aina: (Hawaii)


Centered entirely around the Native Hawaiian culture, the Malama 'Aina segment shares the intimate relationship Hawaiians have with the land and all living things.




Continuing Traditions: (Southwest)


In Continuing Traditions, Native Americans from the Southwest and California share the spirit of the trees through the voices of their sacred drums and flutes, their looms and weavings, their medicines, stewardship of their lands and cultural interdependence.




Natural Harmony: (Southeast)


This segment shares the Seminole journey into the 21st century through stories, photos, traditions and current efforts to preserve cultural knowledge and natural harmony with the land. 


Produced by Trees Forever


Filmed and directed by award-winning Director Catherine Bush

Major funding provided by the USDA Forest Service, National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council

Distributed through the National Film Board of Canada. 


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