Trees and Native Plants on the Rural Landscape

Planting a Healthier Environment

Trees, shrubs, native grasses and flowers provide multiple benefits. Their root systems help stabilize soil by improving its physical structure. This helps to reduce erosion while also improving the soil’s ability to absorb and filter water. Diverse and well-managed plantings of native trees and plants also reduce the ability of invasive plant species to become established, provide critical habitat for birds, bees, amphibians and other wildlife, and in some cases diversify crops and income.

Trees Forever works with rural landowners in Iowa and beyond who are committed to planting native trees and prairie plant species on strips of their land to benefit the land, as well as the larger community.  Learn more about our programs that are available to landowners in Iowa and Illinois who have working lands in agricultural settings.

We also see our rural roadsides as important strips of land where native plants provide multiple benefits, from reducing the frequency of mowing and maintaining roadsides, to diverting snow from blowing across the road, to providing important habitat for birds, pollinators, and other beneficial insects, to celebrating our region’s natural history.  Read about how roadside plantings deliver multiple benefits to us and to the well-being of our communities.

Contact us if you would like to visit with a Trees Forever staff person to learn about how your community or county can effectively use native plants along your streets and roadsides, or to see if your community is eligible to receive funding support and technical assistance through one of our roadside programs.