Keepers of the Trees

In her book, Keepers of the Trees, author and activist Ann Linnea shares the amazing stories of fourteen "tree keepers" and their lives and work saving North America’s forests.

Engage in the stories of these fascinating people whose lives have been shaped by trees—featuring the true stories of a tree doctor, big tree hunter Will Blozan, Plant Amnesty’s pruner, and ninety-four-year-old logger Merve Wilkinson. Get to know Vietnam veteran Bud Pearson, who found healing and acceptance of his post-traumatic stress disorder as a wood carver in the wilds of Montana.  You'll read about Andy Lipkis, founder of TreePeople, who has spent thirty-five years ripping up concrete in L.A. to plant over two million trees in an effort to stop flooding and reduce air pollution. Each tree keeper reveals the inspiration and organization behind their advocacy, with detailed explanations and touching stories of how their lives have come to be shaped by the forests they are fighting to preserve and protect. Keepers of the Trees includes stories from all over North America, including Vancouver, Chicago, L.A., and Montana.

Trees Forever co-founder and president Shannon Ramsay is another one of the fourteen tree keepers highlighted in the book. Ramsay has spent the past 25 years working with grassroots community volunteers and landowners to plant more trees and native plants throughout Iowa, Illinois and the Midwest. 
“I am honored to be among the many tree keepers featured in this beautiful book,” notes Ramsay, who has served as Board Chair for the national Alliance for Community Trees. “The stories of these amazing people both inspire us and challenge us to plant more trees and do more to protect our native environment,” she adds