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Creating the Silver Lining

Each year, we celebrate the hard work and successes of our Iowa’s Living Roadways communities, volunteers and partners at our Annual Celebration. This year was a year we especially needed to celebrate. The enduring influence of the Covid-19 pandemic and wide spread impact of the August 10, 2020 derecho are but two of the challenges Iowans have faced. Together, we continue to grow and create our own silver linings. We heard from many communities that have experienced the loss and hardship a natural disaster brings and are recovering. We heard form community volunteers and leaders who are doing everything they can to make their community a thriving place to live. We heard from program partners like the Iowa Department of Transportation, who are committed to helping Iowa rebuild. We celebrate all of the accomplishments we have achieved and look forward to a bright future!


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Iowa's Living Roadways Annual Report 2020


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