Community Resource Guides

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Developing a Community Forestry Program

Citizen involvement in maintaining and planting trees in communities is vital to the health of our urban forests.

Organizing a Successful Tree Committee

When starting a community forestry or beautification program it is important to have a steering committee that functions well and is in it for the long haul.

Engaging Youth in Your Community Programs

Youth bring energy, creativity, and additional helping hands to community groups and projects. Understanding how best to engage these vital members of your community will result in a better experience for everyone involved.

Fundraising and Grant Writing Tips

Fundraising may seem intimidating, but it can be a fun and rewarding challenge.

Understanding Tax-Exempt Status

It is important to understand that tax-exempt status and exemption from paying sales tax are two entirely different issues.

Recruiting and Coordinating Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of all Trees Forever programs. In fact, Trees Forever was started by two volunteers.

Using Media Effectively

Knowing how to establish a good relationship with the media in your area may be one of the most important things you can do to promote program success.

Successful Tree-Planting Projects and Events

Careful and early planning of a tree-planting project is the key to success.

Developing a Planting Project

This guide includes basic guidelines for project selection, site evaluation, and developing a site plan.

Selecting Tree Species

There are many factors to consider when selecting trees. What might work well at one location in your community may not be appropriate at another.

Purchasing Trees

Acquiring quality nursery stock is key to ensuring long-term success of each tree – whether you’re a homeowner purchasing a single tree for your yard or a volunteer purchasing several trees for a project.

Residential Tree Planting Guide


Guidelines for neighborhood plantings.


Tree Planting Guide

Getting a tree off to a good start at the time of planting is critical for its long-term health.

Tree Care Guide

Taking care of trees is a lifelong commitment and critical to helping trees reach their maximum size, life span, and potential.

Advocating for Trees in Your Community

One of the most important functions of your community tree committee is to be an effective voice for trees. As advocates you will work with community and government leaders to protect and  promote a healthy urban forest. Educating your fellow citizens and gaining their support is also critical to your success.