Certified Arborist Q&A

Before you cut down a sick tree, ask an expert if the tree can be saved. To find the right experts, we recommend going to a certified arborist. We have several on the Trees Forever staff, including Field Coordinator Brad Riphagen. Riphagen demystifies the process of finding an expert through a simple Q&A.

Q: What does it mean to be a certified arborist?
A: A certified arborist has the required experience and knowledge to meet the International Society of Arboriculture’s standards.

Q:  When would I need to contact a certified arborist?
A: Contact a certified arborist when you have a tree issue or concern which requires knowledge of the trees structure and/or health.

Q: How would a certified arborist help me save my tree?
A: This depends on the condition of the tree. The arborist may recommend treatment measures that can help a tree survive/thrive, or the arborist may recommend that the tree be removed.

Q: How do you find a certified arborist?
A: Many of the arborists are listed on the ISA website:  http://www.isa-arbor.com/.   Many are also listed in the local yellow pages.

Q: Can I just call you?
A: Yes. Trees Forever has four certified arborists on staff, and we have many connections throughout the Midwest. We would be happy to help you where we can; in fact, that’s why we’re here.  Find a staff member near you.


Trees Forever Field Coordinator Brad Riphagen
Brad Riphagen

Trees Forever Field Coordinator

and Certified Arborist