Agroforestry Toolkit

New to agroforestry?  Want to share with others?  This agroforestry tool kit provides the basics for teaching others about agroforestry; what it is, the practices that comprise it, the opportunities and benefits for landowners, and a few perennial crop options complete with case studies.


Perennial Crop Case StudiesIn-depth case studies on six landowners growing a perennial crop, a companion to the landowners guide to perennial crop options.  Click the images below to view.


Aronia Berry

Black Walnut



Christmas Trees




What is Agroforestry? – A powerpoint presentation on the basics including the five recognized practices.


Agroforestry Benefits – A powerpoint presentation on ecosystem services and wildlife benefits of agroforestry.

Agroforestry Ambassadors

A listing of growers and practitioners of agroforestry in Iowa and beyond.


A Landowners Guide to Perennial Crop Options

A comprehensive guide covering six perennial crop options including production information, sample enterprise budgets, marketing information, and a 20 year financial model.


Handbook for Agroforestry Planning & Design

A training manual for applied agroforestry practices from the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry